Bed-time Stories

Lady in Bed enters stage right and the show begins…

Me and my toy boys

This blog is all about my show, Lady in Bed, which is currently playing at the New Wimbledon Studio Theatre in London until March 7, so it would be wise to get your skates on re buying a ticket for this particular run. The play is written and performed by myself, Alison Goldie and is an erotic odyssey, a series of stories about my love-life  since I was 14 years old, with all of the parts enacted by yours truly. I am very proud of the show and want the world to see it. It’s not stadium fodder though, so I’ll have to accrue my gigantic  audience in small-venue sized clumps, over time.

I’ve done 2 nights at Wimbledon now, playing in the same dear little theatre where The Weird Sisters, my company (with Kath Burlinson)  did two of our shows from a few years back, Loveplay and The Weird Sisters Get Around. You might be detecting a bit of a theme in my work. I do write about lurve a lot, and sexual business. It’s my favourite area of human endeavour. Who doesn’t love a love-story? And if you can stick some talking animals in there, and mercilessly cariacature some ex-lovers…Now, that’s a show I’d like to see. What a pity I’m in it.

The mates have been turning up to support me (thank you, all). One of the great things about being an actor who puts on her own work in  theatres all over the place is that friends will turn up in the bar afterwards (me not having seen them in the audience owing to the brightness of the lights in my eyes) who I haven’t seen for donkey’s years, and cover me in kisses, affirming me and making me feel loved. Which is the main reason for being an actor after all.

There were some unidentified young people in the audience last night. I wish they’d stayed to chat cos I’d love to know what they thought of a  48 year old bird dashing about the stage talking about sex and drugs, and yes, rock n’ roll. It might have been like watching your mum doing same. Or perhaps my insouciance, irreverence and other words ending in ‘nce’ distracted them from my maturity. It’s not like I don’t tell them me age, and anyone younger wouldn’t have had so much material, but small-scale/fringe theatre can often seem a young person’s game, and folk like me don’t benefit from ‘grants for emerging artists’ or seminars on ‘networking for the new millenium’. I’m supposed to have moved into producing, or breeding pugs.

I mustn’t sit here writing for long. I need to get into the stuff that actresses do when they have a show in the evening:  calling my agent to get the champagne on ice in the dressing room, exfoliating my entire lustrous body, chanting whilst communing with my chakras, eating a  nutritionally balanced seaweed-based meal created by Marcel, my personal chef, hopping in the limo…yeah right, it’ll be more like a quick catnap and a granola bar for dinner then off on the tube to Wombledon.

If you can’t get to Wimbledon Studio, watch out for Lady in Bed at the Devon Fringe in June!

And there’ll be more…



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15 responses to “Bed-time Stories

  1. Natalie Charles

    Congratulations, Alison, on a great performance and a highly entertaining show. Brave, funny, liberating and joyful. I chuckled all the way through and guffawed lots, too! Loved the ending…Frank O’Mara, my fifteenth birthday, soft lips, the smell of his mum’s washing powder….mmmm!

  2. CB

    I LOVED your show – many, many congratulations. Where are you taking it next? It should go on and on and on! I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we and the rest of the audience clearly did.

  3. Helen S

    Wow…. what can I say??????????
    Alison…… I totally loved your one woman show. It was absolutely magical and I was blown away.
    My friend Cherie and I talked about it for a good hour after the show, such was the impact you had on us!
    I love your talent….. could you sprinkle a little of it over my head?
    I will definately come and see it again in the future.

  4. Jeremy D

    Thanks for the play this week. It was great – we both really enjoyed it.

  5. Shirley

    I thought your show was great – very personal, but at the same time universal. I certainly recognised myself and my own foibles in several of your mini-scenes, and I guess from the audience reaction that many other people felt the same sense of recognition. I also think it’s incredibly brave to get up on stage and re-live such poignant and life-shaping experiences. It’s much easier being a writer and fictionalising it all!! The only worrying thing was that I couldn’t remember my first kiss (obviously not memorable!).
    Can’t wait to see your next creation.

  6. Mervyn

    Alison, excellent just excellent!!! I laughed lots (when I could hear you above the laughter of my neighbors!) but also willed you not to get into those not-your-best-moment situations we sensed were coming. Compelling – we were all waiting for the next step in your lurve life and hoping it would be happy but whichever direction it took we were with you all the way. Can’t wait for the sequel: Lady in Bed – The Morning After

  7. Steve Latner

    I enjoyed the show greatly and would urge anyone who is unsure about going to see it to do so. The time flew as I was taken on an enjoyable journey of discovery through Alison’s love life. I was not bored for a second, which is not usual for me. The show was performed with great skill and I was exposed to and felt the feelings of sadness and fun of Alison’s journey. My only regret is that my nose is not bigger. To find out why you will have to see the show.

  8. Matthew

    “I have heard on the grapevine that a couple of ex-lovers are unhappy that they’re NOT in it. But what if I’d slagged you off boys?….”

    Unhappy? They were throwing themselves off balconies! Well done on a great show which should be seen by all!

  9. Stev Wilcox

    What a fantastic show. It was such a pleasure to watch Alison in action once more, as I am an avid fan. The show flowed beautifully and was constantly riveting. The idea of introducing Al as a child to get the story told was brilliant. I found it incredibly moving knowing the piece was autobiographical and I’m sure I knew one or two of the Blokes. I’ve known Al a long time. How relatable to, the ups and downs of love. I hope this piece will be performed again and again. Bloody well done Al. Seamless acting and movement. Great music too!

  10. Tony H

    What a great show,funny and moving all at the same time. Alison plays all the characters really well. I would thoroughly recommend this performance, so don’t miss it when it’s on next time.

  11. stephen d

    Congratulations Alison. I’m so pleased I managed to catch the show at last.
    Lovely energy, wonderful honesty, and you’re so trustworthy to watch as a performer that it’s easy to relax and enjoy the ride. Great stories, beautifully told.
    You should be bloody proud.

  12. Shelley S

    Loved your show Alison, it was so honest, so compelling and hugely funny as well. It’s rare we are invited to watch such a grounded and assured performance. It made me think of all the one person shows who aspire to tell their own version of this story, and why yours succeeded and why theirs didn’t quite hit the mark. I wanted more. Any chance of Part Two? Lady Falls Out of Bed? A life-affirming show, one of the most pleasurable 60 mins I have spent in a theatre for a long time.

  13. stelladuffy

    Gorgeous show, gorgeously performed. Not least because of the kindness towards our youthful selves and that it was so full of hope for both present and future.

  14. Hilary Smith

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