Off to Devon Fringe Fest…

Getting the train to Barnstaple tomorrow, then a cab to a remote farm where I’ll be lurking for a week, breathing in real air and listening to bucolic sounds, except for when I’m molesting unsuspecting shoppers with my flyers, and yea, performing the show (4 times in 3 days no less) at the Inn on the Square, an old coach house type pub that still exists in places like Barnstaple.
Really looking forward to seeing the Fringe organisers again, Bill Buffery and Gill Nathanson, a pair of fine actors and formerly colleagues of mine from the Canadian Fringe Festival circuit, when myself and the other Weird Sister, Kath Burlinson used to tour across the breadth of that massive country, performing our plays in venues which included an old lumber yard in Saskatoon (that’s in the Prairies, right in the middle of Canada and it’s where we met the one-legged pornographer but that’s another story…)
Gill and Bill have modelled the Devon Fringe on the very successful Canadian model, charging the artistes a nominal fee to play, selecting the acts by a lottery (SO fair…), having very low ticket prices and giving all the profits to the theatre companies. Bravo! And I bet G&B have worked themselves into a pulp to get it all happening. I admire them! I applaud them! I owe them a drink!
Watch this space for my Fringe Reports (when I can tear myself away from pointing at sheep and gurgling with innocent joy).


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One response to “Off to Devon Fringe Fest…

  1. Hi there
    look forward to seeing your show and meeting you – I saw something you did down here years ago for Take Art and then met you I think in Edinburgh you were with Alistair from the Nightingale (if this is you!) and I was with Sarah Peterkin. Anyway we are company of women all staying in a caravan on the Tarka Trail park so come play out anytime!


    Lou Alistair
    Pretty Good Girl Dance Theatre

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