Camden Fringe and other things

Woop! Woop! First night at Camden Fringe Festival off to a good start last night with a chunky audience and a couple of raves in my Inbox this morning. A pair of lovers in the audience broke into pronounced snogging after I finished and had to be turfed out of the venue. Apparently, after David Bowie concerts in the 70’s, they had to wipe the seats down. I merely follow in the master’s footsteps…
Hot off the press: Lady in Bed to play Belgium. Yay! Or should I say’ Zoot alors!’ Or is my place of performance (Bruges) Flemish? All will be revealed on Friday 13 November, the first of 3 nights at The English Theatre there. See, I’m not superstitious either. Now, back to preparing for the show tonight (yoga…. manicure…. large chips and a battered sausage……).


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  1. Karen Vowles

    Watching this show was like taking a sneaky look in someone’s diary. Was incredibly funny and very moving. Loved it!

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