Review of show from last night

On Fringe under Camden Fringe. 4 stars and not a caveat in the piece…


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One response to “Review of show from last night

  1. Alan Naylor

    Hi Alison, we saw your really great show Friday evening. You had us captivated. Deeply personal, yet also very professional, and very funny. The self reflection really worked, and young Alison is lucky to have a warm understanding older you for her friend. You were very brave to share the harder bits, but it did give us an insight into the desolation and awfulness of the situation.The way you accepted the event and understood and did not slag anyone off about it was deeply moving.

    I liked your conclusions. I would add only to not expect too much of others. Another person can meet some of our needs some of the time, but never all of them , all the time. “Good enough” is very precious, and can be deeply enriching.

    You were great, love, Alan

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