Meanwhile In Bruges

Message from audience member to Clare, director of English Theatre of Bruges:

I enjoyed Saterday “Lady in Bed”.

I made some publicity and on Sunday my physiotherapist and his wife has also visit your theatre. He just sends me a message that it was “cool en very good”.

L. Vanlandschoote

Thank you, exotically-named man, and to all the lovely punters who came and gave me a sell-out run. Bruges is a  pretty biscuit-tin of a town, full of tasty morsels of architecture, friendly and cosy and full of kindness, and the whole experience was an out-of-the-ordinary adventure.

The audience were mainly English, it must be said, a mix of tourists and residents, but in spite of very fundamental staging and shall we say, minimalist lighting, the piece seemed to communicate well, though I could see the visage of every single person (who always appear either blank-faced like zombies, or like your mum doing an ‘encouraging face’ at your school nativity play).  At one point, I was brushing knees with someone in the front row, and others shrank from me as I breathed into their faces in certain ‘close-up’ moments.

It struck me that when the audience is that close, it seems odd not to talk to them more directly, as individuals. The script doesn’t really allow for that, but I could factor it in if I play such an intimate venue again. Though I made sure to look every single person right in the face several times, to break out of the script and do ‘real talk’ to them might make them feel more comfortable. Or it would freak them out. Hmmm.

Now I’m short of places to play and need to reanimate my Gig-Finder and get some shows for 2010. The next one is a whole year away! Can’t be having that….


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